Menu Plan 5/15/14-5/21/14

Some of our not-so-planned experiences this week included visiting extended family in the hospital, me having a minor relapse of flu exhaustion after spending most of the day in the hospital, and having our refrigerator stop working for a couple days. We were able to work around most of those issues pretty well, but I have to say, I’m very glad to have a fully functional refrigerator again!

Making the New York style pizza got moved from Friday and replaced our burritos meal (also, the pizza crust killed my food processor), but it was so worth making the effort for! In the future I’ll probably use my standard pizza sauce (less tangy, and more herby) but that was the first pizza crust that I’ve really enjoyed eating, rather than just viewing it as a carrier for the sauce. I finally understand why my husband loves good pizza crust! 🙂

I used a white flour for the first run at the crust, but I’ll be experimenting with whole wheat flours in the future, so stay tuned for my version of New York style pizza crust eventually.

I skipped making the celery gratin this week, mostly because I spent a large chunk of the day processing celery for the freezer, making celery syrup, etc, and I was both tired and celeried out by the time supper rolled around. (Also, our milk wasn’t in the house at the time, because our fridge was still broken, and we were storing in at my husband’s office fridge temporarily.)

(Oh, and that celery soda was really only okay–though I of course tweaked the recipe. I hear it’s good with pastrami and rye, but I don’t think we’ll be trying it again in any food combination.)

Everything else went more or less as planned, but the  Sweet and Sour Lentils are on the agenda for tonight, so I don’t yet have a report on how they turned out.


Salmon Patty Sandwiches with celery and carrot sticks

Social Event (thinking about taking celery pesto…)

Leftovers/Food Scrounging

Baked Beans (for church fellowship meal)

Sloppy Joe with Roasted Carrots

French Onion Soup



Leftovers, as usual, and probably pizza if something else is needed, because I still have 2 crusts worth of New York style pizza dough sitting in my fridge…


Refrigerator oatmeal, eggs… Probably light on the smoothie until my new blender (affiliate link) comes, but I do have an immersion blender in a pinch.

Baking and Extras:

If I’m feeling motivated, I might give whole wheat tortillas another try… Other than that, mostly just keeping up with  my ferments, and hopefully a fun baking project at some point.

Shopping List:

Aldi has Vidalia onions at 2lb/.99, but I think it’s more of a Kroger week for me. My Kroger list is something like:

raspberries, 2pks/$2

eggplant, 2/$2

seltzer water, about .69

navy beans, about 5lb/$5 (I have a friend who’s just starting up the GAPS diet, so I need to branch out from my standard pinto beans)

beef bones or beef stock (My mother always bought cans of beef consumee to make french onion soup. I’m going to have to look around a bit at the options, but I suspect I’ll just end up buying stew bones to make my own stock.)

Hormel natural bacon, (w/ digital coupon), $4

cheddar cheese, $2 (I’ll get this from Costco instead if I get the chance, but the Costco price is getting so high, I’m not sure it saves me that much money at this point)

butter, 2/$5 (Again, possibly cheaper at Aldi, but the way prices have been lately, I’m not sure I’d save that much)

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