Menu Plan and Shopping List 4/17/14-4/23/14

There’s nothing like posting goals and plans on the internet to make you really pay attention to how closely you’re following those plans. In some cases, changes from my menu plans are good, and for the right reasons, of being flexible to adjust to changes in life based on how our overarching goals are playing out in a particular day. But sometimes I still feel like a failure when I have to write a blog post saying ‘still didn’t get that done this week’.

On the other hand, this is not just another ‘look at that pretty food’ blog or a ‘let me pin that ridiculously complicated recipe I’m never going to have time to actually make’ blog. This is a ‘watch me rescue this dough that’s inexplicably doing weird things today, because this is our supper tonight, so I’m going to have to make it work somehow’ kind of blog.

So, this was my week in food.

I didn’t make bread, and I didn’t make overnight oatmeal. My husband and I were both feeling under the weather for several days anyway, so we didn’t need those quick breakfasts for after running that I thought we would.

The cornbread salad was relatively popular, but for some reason the next day the leftovers were unappealing and so they sat in our fridge for a few days before I finally threw them out. They were starting to taste like refrigerator at that point anyway. (As a side note, I finally got around to that ‘weekly’ fridge cleaning I’m supposed to do, and have a much better handle on what leftovers need to be used up, as well as a fridge that smells, well, less like refrigerator taste.)

The chef salad was good, but when I finally served that nice, spring inspired main dish salad I’ve been talking about, it was a cold blustery evening. I was going to switch out the fried rice bites for leftover cornbread salad, but with the chill in the air, I ended up quickly frying some potatoes to provide a little warmth to the meal.

The chicken and white sauce deep dish pizza was okay, but kind of tasted like a cross between pizza and chicken pot pie, so if I make it again at all, I’ll be significantly reworking my recipe.

Also, dinner tonight is going to be some kind of meal that uses up leftovers, instead of burritos.

Other than that, I did have some solid food successes this week.

The salmon salad roll ups were fantastic and very filling. (I need to remember to keep these in the rotation, at least once a month or so, to switch up with our normal salmon patties.)

The tuna macaroni salad was perfect, exactly the way I remember my mother making it (except I minced my onions instead of dicing them… I guess I really *can’t* make a recipe without changing it a little). I did served the tuna macaroni salad with sauteed asparagus that was nearing the end of its life span, instead of with fried apples.

Also, I made funnel cakes and they were amazing!


Fast Food (Yep, it’s going to be a grabbing dinner while running between two different places kind of day. That happens sometimes.)

Deep Dish Pizza (Going back to a seasoned ground beef ‘sausage’ filling. No more chicken.)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging (Probably leftover pizza, in case you were wondering)

Mashed Potatoes (for fellowship meal)

Ground Beef and Lentils with Roasted Carrots

Taco Salad (I’m going to try making french dressing based on my homemade ketchup.)

Chicken Drumsticks and Squash Patties


We’re planning to go out for a lunch date once, and I’m guessing we’ll still be short of leftovers for a couple of lunches, because of how our schedule works this week. I’ll try to use up some older freezer meals that need to be rotated through if we do need more lunch food.


We did a few kefir smoothies this week, and will probably do a couple more over the course of this next week. Hopefully I’ll also get a few servings of overnight oatmeal made. I’d also like to do something fun for Saturday breakfast, but we’re out of maple syrup, so pancakes or waffles wouldn’t be ideal. Maybe try this faux chicken fried steak?

Baking and Extras:

I don’t even know what to put here. There’s a lot of stuff I want to try to making, but life has not been cooperating with baking projects lately. I guess I’ll just report back next week and tell you if I made anything or not!

Shopping List:

It’s not my shopping week, as you can tell by the fact that there are good sales going on this week. 😛

Here are some of the highlights I noticed in the ads.


Organic salad dressing, $1.69 (Normally $1.99, their peppercorn ranch isn’t quite like normal ranch dressing, but it’s a decent tasting mostly healthy substitute.)

cocktail tomatoes, .79/lb

mangoes, .49

sweet potatoes, .39 each


artichokes, $1 (I’ve only had canned artichoke hearts, but it would be fun to try fresh artichoke sometime.)

pineapple, .99

split chicken breast, .99/lb

frozen veggies, $1 (packages from 1/2 lb to 1 lb)


frozen veggies, .59 (10 oz to 1 lb)

butter, 1.48 (limit 1)

sweet potatoes, .68/lb

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