Menu Plan and Shopping List 4/11/14-4/17/14

(My apologies for getting this up a day late. It was a crazy day yesterday.)

I was very bad about getting anything done that required much prep work for meals this past week. It was more of a ‘push to catch up on dirty dishes’ kind of week than a ‘let’s do cooking projects!’ kind of week. So, things like potato salad and roasted carrots just didn’t get done. Though, I also ended up with some fresh asparagus that hadn’t made it’s way into my menu plan, so that bridged some of the gaps very nicely. I did make a hasty version of creamed spinach, but it was only ‘meh’, so if I do that again I need to find an actual recipe…

Oh, and we skipped our burritos meal because of an unexpected social event.

Because the weather is getting warmer, the weekly frisbee pick-up group has started back up again, and I’m back to needing portable eat-in-the-car food once a week. In fact, we may even be trying to increase our participation in pick up sports games this summer, as both of us could use more exercise, so I may need to get more creative in my portable food than just variations on sandwiches.


Salmon Salad Roll Ups, with bell pepper strips and maybe tomato (We’re out of bread again, so tortillas to the rescue for this week’s sandwich variation!)

Deep Dish Pizza (We’re still enjoying this, but I’m feeling like it’s about time to switch it up again, so I want to make a chicken white sauce variation this week)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Cornbread Salad

Chef Salad (with ham from the freezer) and Fried Rice Bites (Let’s try this main dish salad idea again…)

Tuna Macaroni Salad and Fried Apples (Putting a pasta salad here makes it a bit of a wheat heavy week. I normally try to rotate through my grains better than this, but for some reason tuna macaroni salad ‘like my momma makes it’ just sounds *really* good lately.)



I suspect that if anything we’ll have too many leftovers this week, as a batch of 2 deep dish pizza makes 3-4 meals for two people, and unless the cornbread salad is very popular at our church fellowship meal (which it deserves to be, but it’s always hard to predict what people will like), we may have have more than a couple meals of that left too. If for some reason I do need to supplement leftovers (like if we get very tired of the same leftovers), I’ll probably pull out some hamburger patties from the freezer.


Our blender is now functional, but I’m having problems with my kefir. I suspect the last batch of milk I fed my grains was on the brink of going sour, which didn’t show until it sat out for a day, supposedly turning into kefir. (The yogurt I made with the same milk also went fizzy and runny instead of yogurtifying, so I’m inclined to blame either the milk or the weather.) I’m really hoping I can get that going again, and get back to our regular kefir smoothies.

Also, now that we’ve starting our morning running routine back up again (yay for spring weather!), overnight oatmeal would be a really helpful grab and go filling breakfast.

I still need to make oatcakes too… Now that I’m caught up on dishes and other projects though, maybe this will be more of baking week.

Baking and Extras:

I really need to start some refrigerator oatmeal: I’m making that my top priority for kitchen projects for the week.

Last week I made some rolls (white flour with wheat germ, so no soaking needed, but still pretty healthy), but they’re already gone, so more bread would be really good.

Also, don’t revoke my healthy blogger status or anything, but… I’ve been promising my husband that I’ll make him funnel cakes for months now, and now that I finally have powdered sugar in the house again, it’s about time I followed through.

If my prediction of a baking week holds true I  might get a lot more than this done, but I want to wait and see how the week goes before I make my plans too big.

Shopping List:

I have a fairly simple shopping list this week because I stocked up on a lot basics on  my last shopping trip, and, on a related note, spent a lot of grocery money. 🙂 Kroger once again has a few decent produce sales (pretty much the exact same ones as last week) and frozen veggies on sale, but I’ll be sticking with Aldi for my shopping. Here are some of the highlights of my list:

crackers, 2/$3.40

tortillas, $1.69

lemon juice, $1.89

bananas, 6lb/$3.50

mini sweet peppers, 2lb/$2 (Normally I would avoid these because of the pesticides, but I can’t pass up this price.)

cream cheese, 3/$3

vanilla yogurt cups, $1.50 (For snacks for Colton at the office.)

butter, 4lb/$8.75

ground beef, 3lb/$7


Also notable are grapes for 99 cents a pound (if you eat conventional grapes–they are on the dirty dozen list for pesticides), boneless skinless chicken thighs for $1.49 a pound and celery for 69 cents (ditto the comments on grapes).



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